Case study, Fix issues

Fixing Webflow

Fixing a Job Board Platform Filtering panel using Finsweet Attributes


DBC is a job board platform helping thousands of professionals find their dream job in the field of interior design.

Step 1

The Problem

DBC had their site already built on Webflow, however they couldn’t get the main page (jobs listing) to work. Essentially, the listings would show, but they couldn’t be filtered using the filter panels on the left hand side.

Additionally, they couldn’t manage to show some additional data for each listing, as they ran into  CMS limitations.

Step 2

The Solution

The filtering logic was handled by the Filters module from Finsweet Attributes — there were some configuration issues that we managed to fix quickly. While that took care of most of the issues, there were still some left:

— Slider range for the salary field not working
— Additional CMS nest fields not showing up

Step 3

Slider range issue

The client initially wanted the salary field to be filtered through a two-step range slider. The issue with that is that some of the job listings could choose not to specify a salary amount.

This meant that by tweaking the salary filter to any amount, it would’ve caused all those job listings to disappear.

To fix that, we excluded those CMS items from the filtering logic so that they were forced to be displayed at all times.

Step 4

CMS Nest

Each of the Job listing records contained a multi-item CMS field, connected to the category of the Job listing (e.g. Interior designer, Design architect, etc…). When trying to show this data on the front end, only one category would show up, instead of whatever amount was set.

To fix this natively in Webflow, you would typically nest another CMS list within each Job listing. However this wasn’t possible, as we ran into a Webflow CMS limitation.

To fix that, we implemented CMS Nest from Finsweet Attributes, which allowed us to bypass the limitation and display all the categories attached to each job listing.